Deception is Satan’s Weapon of Choice, But Take Heart Jesus Christ Prevails in the End!


—Beware, Satan is the liar of all liars. He is the head liar, the number one liar, the most proficient liar, and the most diabolical liar of all time.

—He started telling lies in the Garden of Eden. He is the master of confusion and deceit. He is dangerous, and he kills and he destroys.                sheep-in-wolves-clothing

—That is his MO  (Modus Operandi, Latin, meaning way of operating)  It’s his style, and he does it 24/7 and make no mistake, he does it very very well. But we have the best defense. Jesus Christ and God’s Word.

— He went after Jesus and unsuccessfully tempted Him. He goes after His followers relentlessly. But Jesus used Scripture to combat him. And so can we. Each response that Jesus gave Satan in the desert was from the book of Deuteronomy. 

Read (Matt 4:1-11) 

—Many in our world do not even believe he exists, and still others follow him, and still others don’t care or don’t take him seriously.

God’s Word has the true view of Satan because God’s Word holds the Truth.

— I hope you all read and ponder each scripture and see the context that it is in as this is the best way to stay in the Word and grow strong in Christ, as well as learn to maneuver through the Bible and understand it. 

Some names used to describe Satan in the Bible:

(1 Chronicles 21:1)  (Job 1:6)  (Matt. 4:2-10)  Satan

(Gen. 3:1-6)     The lying serpent  

(1 Peter 5:10)     A roaring lion and an adversary

(Rev. 12:10)      Accuser of the Brethren  

(Matt. 13:19,  Matt. 13:38)    The wicked one

(Matt. 12:43)     Unclean spirit

(1 Thessalonians 3:5)  Tempter

(2 Corinthians 4:4)    The god of this age/world

(Ephesians 2:2)  Prince of the power of the air

(Rev. 9:11)    Abaddon and Apollyon which mean destroyer  

(John 8:44)  Your father the devil..murderer… father of lies

(John 14:30)  The prince of this world/ruler of this world

(Isaiah 27:1)   (Rev. 20:2)  Dragon

(Colossians 1:13)  Power of darkness

(Rev. 12:9; 20:2)  Old serpent

(2 Corinth. 6:15)  Belial  (means worthless, vile, wicked)

(Rev. 12:3)  Great fiery red dragon

(Matt. 13:36-43)  Enemy

(Matt. 12:24)  Beelzebub   (from Hebrew word meaning Lord of the Flies)

(Rev. 9:11)   Angel of the bottomless pit

(Matt. 9:32-34)  Ruler of the demons

Our world tries to make him look harmless.

—The world incorporates his evilness in tv, movies, etc. and tries to make it all look cool. They try to make him look normal, acceptable and so on.

—They laugh at and with him, they imitate him, glorify him, make jokes about him but make no mistake, he is a destroyer and he wants to devour you and me, and everybody else. The world and our culture is a megaphone for his values, or more accurately, his lack of values.

—He started lying and tempting in the Garden of Eden,  and he is gaining momentum as we move closer and closer to the end times. 

—Satan knows scripture but perverts it to confuse, baffle and control.

 Jesus is the One and Only answer!  

We desperately need discernment from the Holy Spirit, strength in Jesus Christ and the truth of God’s word, the Holy Bible, on a daily basis. If we do not rely on Christ, our Christian worldview becomes skewed and we are more susceptible to Satan’s lies about ourselves and others. We become more and more like the world.  Please, never put your faith in our culture as it changes constantly and it is ungodly and messy on a regular basis. Nor put your faith in the world as it is perishing. And most certainly never put your faith in another person or your own good works because they will never save you. Never! 

And remember, God is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent – Satan is not!!

 — Omniscient means God is all knowing

. —Omnipresent means God is present everywhere 

  —Omnipotent means God is all powerful

Satan can only be in one place at a time but one third of the angels went with him when He was cast out of heaven and they are his demons today helping him do his dirty work. 

Lucifer, star of the morning, was perfect and beautiful in heaven but he no longer wanted to worship God, rather he wanted to be worshiped. His pride took over. He was thrown from heaven with a third of the angels and he became known as Satan, accuser and deceiver. 

To read about God kicking Satan out of heaven read:

(Isaiah 14:12-15), (Ezekiel 28:1,)  (Luke 10:17-18), (Rev. 9:1),

 (2 Peter 2:4)

(Rev. 12:4)   Also, please read (Ephesians 6:10-20)

If you do not have a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, pray this very moment to Him and talk to Him about your sins and repent of them now.  He is waiting for you to humble yourself and turn your life over to Him.  God has given us His Son Jesus Christ to redeem us and to give us a new birth.  A new beginning, a new life, and the promise of eternal life.  Nothing you have done is so bad that it is out of His reach of forgiveness. Nothing!  And if you think you are a good person who does not need a Savior, please, think again, because you are wrong.  Jesus has paid it all, and all you have to do is accept that in faith, confess it with your mouth, and know that He will never leave you.  Please, don’t take a chance on leaving this earth without salvation… found only in Jesus Christ.   Read (John 14:6)

 Stay strong in Christ. For He has overcome the world!  Amen and Amen! 

Saved by Grace through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,



Lynn Drew

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