Born to the Virgin Mary


Jesus Loves You

This little Child born to the Virgin Mary confounded the world, and He still does. But one thing is for sure, so many people of this world are hurting and the most important aspect of life is to share the love of Jesus. Show others His faithfulness, His truth, His healing power and His love.

It is a simple message and yet it is the most profound message you will ever hear. It is joyful, it is miraculous and it changes lives and hearts and relationships and most importantly, it determines our eternal destiny.  

It melts hatred and builds bridges that brings people of all backgrounds and races together in love and understanding. The love of Jesus changes things. But it must be accepted, shared, and given away to each other without any strings attached whatsoever. That kind of love will set us free!

This Little Child Born in Bethlehem

Born in a Manger     This little Child born in Bethlehem has the power to change the coldest heart, heal the worst addiction and give inner peace to the weakest and the strongest among us.

The little Child born in the manger created the universe and He has the power to forgive our sins. Your sins, my sins, everyone’s sins.

He is waiting for you to acknowledge Him, accept Him, follow Him, trust Him, love Him, believe in Him. For He is the Everlasting and He loves you and me.

But He is also righteous and holy and one day every knee will bow to our Lord and Savior, who was born in a manger but who has the power to change the hearts of men and women who call upon His name.  

Three Responses to Christ Then and Now:

There were three responses to the Christ Child when He was born and there are still three responses today. Opposition, disinterest and worship. The first two responses will lead to spiritual decay and eternity without God. Only the third response will lead to eternity spent with God.      If Anyone Thirsts Come to Me

Today is the perfect day to humble yourselves and repent of your sins. You know you have them. We all do.

And it does not matter how bad your situation looks, for He is our great Healer and Redeemer. Trust Him. He will never fail you. This little Child born to the Virgin Mary is the Light of the world and the great I AM.                                                                                                                        

One day every knee shall bow,

Lynn Drew



2 thoughts on “Born to the Virgin Mary

  1. Lynn, even though we are well past Christmas, its good to be reminded of how important it is to respond to the message of Christmas, and the significance of Christ. Your blog is a wonderful testimony to those of us who are still learning how to stop being so shy and share the message that people need to respond! Thank you for those reminders!

    • Hi Nate,
      One of the beautiful aspects of Christmas is the message lives throughout the year. You obviously have a heart for God and I so encourage you to give Him the glory in all you do. As we remain thankful and as we continually praise our Lord Jesus, our shyness falls to the background. Remain strong in Christ, Nate, God will continue to use you in mighty ways for His glory!

      Your sister in Christ,

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